Important Information When Investing in Silver Bullion

This year is the perfect time to be investing in silver bullion. The year 2010 ended with great numbers for silver investments. It was recorded with the highest increase in value among all precious metals like gold and platinum. Although the market for these valuable metals, in general, is predicted to be profitable for this year, silver is the best of the league as of the moment.

Although it had also suffered losses during the economic recession of the past few years, these are but minimal. Silver had eventually risen back to the heights where it belongs to with a blast last year. The most recent update records a $40 per ounce price as of April 2011. A number which was double the price it shared during the so-called economic turmoil of the late 2000s.

Why Silver is a Great Investment

Silver had recently bounced from one of its all-time lows to reach its current height due to many reasons. One of which includes the increasing demand which can only be supported by a limited supply.

The popularity of silver investments can also be attributed to its wide use in various industries such as computers, electronics, medicine, dentistry, and many others. Almost everything around us makes use of silver in different amounts and uses.

For the internet, it provides electrical contacts between networks. In electricity, it is used as for electrical conductivity purposes. It is also applied for various other purposes such as in making coins, ornaments, tableware, and cutlery due to its high thermal conductivity.

In medicine, it is used against bacteria, fungi, algae, and other organisms. In dentistry, it can be used as amalgam when combined with tin, mercury, or other compatible metals. It is also made into jewelry, a cheaper alternative to gold jewelry.

Various Forms of Silver

There are many forms of silver that you can invest in. These include bars or bullions of which, coins and rounds of silver, exchange-traded products such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, certificates in digital format or in paper bills, and pure silver accounts. Each of these types of investments with regards to silver is all valuable.

The Silver Bullion

Investing in silver bullion has many advantages. It is a tangible property that you can be able to possess. Storage may become an issue but not when you can arrange safekeeping in a personal vault or elsewhere, like in a bank for safekeeping. You may also hire services from institutions that offer protection and storage of valuable items such as silver and other precious metals investments.

When the need arises, these items can be converted into monetary funds. The intrinsic value of silver may even be greater than how much it costs upon purchase. These can be easily sold because of the high demand for silver in most industries.

In purchasing silver bullion, there are three important factors you must consider. These include the purity and weight of the item. The standard percentage of a pure silver item is at least at 99.9%. Weights may vary depending on the size of the item. Some silver bars may weigh 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, and 100 oz.

You should also check the manufacturer of the silver items. Reputable silver makers include branded names such as Engelhard, Sterling Silver, US Assay, and Wall Street Mint Bars.

Investing in silver bullion has never been better than it is today. Silver may not be as valuable as gold is but it is still a better investment option than paper money. No matter how bad paper money crashes, silver will always retain its value. Take advantage of the rising value of silver and start making investments for your future now.

The Gold Card At The Bottom Of The Deck

The United States claims to have approximately 8100 tonnes of gold bullion in reserves, most of it under lock and key at Ft. Knox. It is estimated there is another 6000 tonnes of gold, give or take, on deposit from foreign and private interests within the US as well. If you add that all up you get around 14,000 tonnes of gold bullion.

That’s a lot of gold. And all of it within the cozy borders of the United States. The second-largest holder of the yellow metal is Germany with 3401 tonnes, which means the United States is really a gold superpower.

For the sake of argument let’s just assume the government is telling us the truth (!) about our gold reserves. We can then hypothesize a highly probable endgame for the dollar, an endgame that which would be very dramatic and interesting, indeed.

But first, understand this: As far as the rest of the financial world is concerned, the real debate about the probability of a dollar collapse is over. If you observe their actions, and ignore their honeyed words of political spin, you can very easily and clearly see how the major players of the world are aggressively and continuously positioning themselves into hard assets such as gold. They are limiting their exposure to the dollar just about as fast as they possibly can.


Because it is a mathematical and political certainty the dollar will finish it’s long march into the abyss of history and collapse within the foreseeable future, many believing 2015 – 2017 will be the watershed timeframe for this eventuality. And while most people are ignorant of the true picture of the world financial system, the elites atop the world pyramid are keenly aware of the truth and are acting on this knowledge.

Remember, if the US truly has 8100 tons of gold on reserve than we are the richest nation on earth, a financial superpower dwarfing the bullion holdings of any other nation. Even the great rising dragon of China has only a little over 1000 tonnes in reserves.

So let’s consider a possible scenario whereby the United States government re-establishes itself overnight, in an act of supreme gamesmanship, as the unquestioned economic/political ruler of the world.

The United States could:

• seize all gold within its borders, including foreign bullion deposits
• recall all current fiat US money
• establish a new gold-backed US Dollar/Currency
• Valuate gold at $20,000 – $50,000 an ounce

In this kind of game-changing strategy, the US would end up holding north of 14,000 tonnes of bullion gold with no other country even remotely close in holdings. This play would create truly amazing outcomes of mega-historical proportions and remake the world virtually overnight, especially for the US and its citizens.

Unfortunately, such a sweet plan is probably not possible.

Why not?

Because it is not very likely that there is a syllable’s worth of truth to the US government’s claim of having 8100 tons of bullion gold in our reserves.

How to Find Gold and Silver Bullion Dealers Online

Not everyone recognizes the potential of investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. For those who do, the next important considerations are choosing which forms to invest upon and where to find sources. Investments in physical gold and silver are preferred by most buyers. Gold and silver bullion dealers are found all over the internet. You just have to look for those who are reputable in trading these precious metals.

A Few Notes Before You Purchase


Before you start hunting for dealers, you must first decide on how much you will buy. There are dealers who sell sets with a few pieces included such as four or more. Most dealers sell in bulk. You can only find a few dealers who sell gold or silver per piece. Buying in bulk actually saves you money because wholesale prices are cheaper than retail priced items. You might even get some freebies if you purchase a lot at one time.


Know beforehand where you will have your pieces stored. You can personally store items in a safe location if you own a property wherewith they can be kept safely. There are also rentals you can hire. Such companies offer services for storing and safeguarding bullions of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Some financial institutions even have specialized vaults where valuable items apart from paper bills can be stored.


There is benefit in subscribing to as many companies as possible for one specific type of service. One includes a variety of offers. This is not just about the gold or silver pieces; it involves what makes it different from other dealers. An example is a dealer who provides a warranty for items you purchase from the company.

Other factors include price range, sizes of items offered, as well as the percentage of purity and concentration, mass, and many others.

On Choosing Dealers

When you are ready to find gold and silver bullion dealers, there are important factors you can consider when choosing which dealers to transact with.


How long have they been in the business? A dealer’s history with gold or silver trade is important as it proves his expertise in the field. This does not mean that newer dealers are not to be trusted. It is just easier to trust someone who has had extensive experience in the business. There are other means to judge a dealer’s reputation.

Sales Record

Aside from history, the dealer’s sales record is also a good way to measure his or her reputation. When a company or individual is trustworthy, buyers will normally share a great experience with others. Although sales and marketing may have something to do with it, the company’s reputation spells all the difference. No matter how convincing anyone is, if the group he represents cannot be trusted, no one will buy.


A place that recalls boundless spaces, wild animals like polar bears and grizzilies, seals and moose, extreme climates, immense parks, pieces of Europe beyond the Atlantic, the Klondike myths. For me that of Canada is a half dream come true, as the dream will be completed when I go to the West I hope in a few years, when I go to Vancouver and then to see the parks of Jesper and BANFF . At the moment, however, I have to settle for the eastern part, which is not bad from what they told me.

Why Canada
As I have already mentioned, I have always had the dream – hidden – of Canada . It has always attracted me, although those who follow me are not particularly inclined to polar temperatures, but to tropical ones.

When we set the vacation period, I had various options on the table: New York, Boston and Washington. But since I have friends who want to see these cities too, I changed destination, postponing it, and I turned one hundred and eighty degrees on the world map to China .

I had already done a rough program: cities, travel, information on visas and a draft itinerary. When we were going to the point some doubts arose – that I saved myself so as not to bore you – the main one concerned food, both for me but especially for the children. Then we have changed again and adjusted the pitch a little lower. Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore . Do we choose three of these cities? Yes, but the flights are too expensive.

Then one day, on Twitter, a Tweet Chat about Canada starts with various Travel Bloggers involved . You reopen the wish drawer and I see that the flights are at reasonable prices, the exchange is favorable, the costs are not exorbitant. Well, it’s done. Yes, book. It was March. True, I went a bit by exclusion and it wasn’t my first choice, but in the end it was a place I wanted to visit in the future. I have only anticipated some hypothetical year.

I would have liked to go to the West , which reincarnates my concept of Canada to perfection, but the cost of almost three thousand euros of flight was definitely out of the budget. To fly east I spent less than half. Furthermore, Lonely Planet declared Canada the destination of 2017, the 150th year of its independence, celebrated on July 1st . Helmet just like a bean, as they say. For the occasion, all the parks will be free in 2017 . It starts on Sunday, September 3rd and already trembles. I hope it’s an unforgettable journey, in a positive sense of course. And I hope these twelve days overseas – we’ll be back on the 15th – are memorable.

Organize a trip to Durham Region Canada: tips and tricks

Courtesy of Compass Wealth Partners 

How to organize a trip to Canada: identify the area
The distances in Canada are really huge, so at least if you don’t have many weeks at your disposal you will have to make a choice of the area to visit and count on taking a domestic flight to get around more easily.

We have been in Canada for 15 days (+2 travel) and this is the story of our itinerary .

The population density of Canada is decidedly lower than in Italy so you could travel hundreds of kilometers meeting only a few houses scattered here and there.

Once you have chosen the area you can look at the flights, or vice versa, find a flight and then define the route. For eastern Canada, which we visited, the flights are obviously cheaper and you can easily find them either for Montreal or for Toronto. Many leave from Venice.

The best time to visit Canada
Be aware that in winter in Montreal the temperature is almost always around – 20 degrees. It is so cold that both Montreal and Toronto, and in a more limited way Vancouver, have underground cities, a series of galleries and public spaces where you can experience the city without going out into the cold.

The beginning of autumn is still mild, while summer is warm, so July and August you can rest easy. Obviously, the higher you go to the north the lower the temperatures (in Tadoussac the day of August was evening 9 degrees and day 11!)

Organize your trip to Canada: decide on the type of trip you want to make.
Nature or large cities? Not that the two things cannot travel together but to visit one of the many parks in Canada is not exactly like in Italy: they are so large that they provide even more days to be lived to the full, especially if you do not want to limit yourself to a walk but you will also want to go hiking by canoe or bicycle.

Cash by Text – Cash with a Simple Message

Cash by Text

A mobile phone is the basic essential factor required to apply for fast cash by text. Thus, if you have a cell phone and you lack the ability to afford a certain expense, this is a means through which you can fulfill your desires. This is synonymous to a statement that indicates that these advances are a medium for instant cash.

The amount available to use cash by text ranges up to £100. The amounts available through this system may be small but satisfactory. This financial facility lasts for about 1 to 7 days. Hence, it is very easy to take these funds for needs in emergency cases.

With the help of these short-term loans, you can obtain an ample amount to cater any type of urgency with ease. There is no problem in repaying the loans because it can be cleared when you get your next payday in your hands. People can resolve any kind of their financial problem without taking any help.

But, an important aspect that should be known with keen interest is the fluctuation in interest rates. Most probably, these loans have a high sum of interest rate imposed on the amounts lent. Also, a timely repayment of the cash drawn is important to avoid possibilities of confinement charges.

Most importantly, the applicant is entitled to fulfill certain pre-requisites. He should have a residence proof stating his nationality as a UK civilian. He should also necessarily be more than 18 years and work as a fulltime employee. At the same time, he is required to maintain a valid bank account. On accomplishing these conditions, the borrower is treated as eligible for using the finance without any complications and hassle.

The internet is a convenient mechanism to apply for this facility. It also promotes the efficiency to acquire the cash service instantly. Hence, the applicant can make an instant survey for these loans and immediately apply for them. He can also take essential guidelines through the online mode.