Organize a trip to Durham Region Canada: tips and tricks

Courtesy of Compass Wealth Partners 

How to organize a trip to Canada: identify the area
The distances in Canada are really huge, so at least if you don’t have many weeks at your disposal you will have to make a choice of the area to visit and count on taking a domestic flight to get around more easily.

We have been in Canada for 15 days (+2 travel) and this is the story of our itinerary .

The population density of Canada is decidedly lower than in Italy so you could travel hundreds of kilometers meeting only a few houses scattered here and there.

Once you have chosen the area you can look at the flights, or vice versa, find a flight and then define the route. For eastern Canada, which we visited, the flights are obviously cheaper and you can easily find them either for Montreal or for Toronto. Many leave from Venice.

The best time to visit Canada
Be aware that in winter in Montreal the temperature is almost always around – 20 degrees. It is so cold that both Montreal and Toronto, and in a more limited way Vancouver, have underground cities, a series of galleries and public spaces where you can experience the city without going out into the cold.

The beginning of autumn is still mild, while summer is warm, so July and August you can rest easy. Obviously, the higher you go to the north the lower the temperatures (in Tadoussac the day of August was evening 9 degrees and day 11!)

Organize your trip to Canada: decide on the type of trip you want to make.
Nature or large cities? Not that the two things cannot travel together but to visit one of the many parks in Canada is not exactly like in Italy: they are so large that they provide even more days to be lived to the full, especially if you do not want to limit yourself to a walk but you will also want to go hiking by canoe or bicycle.