A place that recalls boundless spaces, wild animals like polar bears and grizzilies, seals and moose, extreme climates, immense parks, pieces of Europe beyond the Atlantic, the Klondike myths. For me that of Canada is a half dream come true, as the dream will be completed when I go to the West I hope in a few years, when I go to Vancouver and then to see the parks of Jesper and BANFF . At the moment, however, I have to settle for the eastern part, which is not bad from what they told me.

Why Canada
As I have already mentioned, I have always had the dream – hidden – of Canada . It has always attracted me, although those who follow me are not particularly inclined to polar temperatures, but to tropical ones.

When we set the vacation period, I had various options on the table: New York, Boston and Washington. But since I have friends who want to see these cities too, I changed destination, postponing it, and I turned one hundred and eighty degrees on the world map to China .

I had already done a rough program: cities, travel, information on visas and a draft itinerary. When we were going to the point some doubts arose – that I saved myself so as not to bore you – the main one concerned food, both for me but especially for the children. Then we have changed again and adjusted the pitch a little lower. Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore . Do we choose three of these cities? Yes, but the flights are too expensive.

Then one day, on Twitter, a Tweet Chat about Canada starts with various Travel Bloggers involved . You reopen the wish drawer and I see that the flights are at reasonable prices, the exchange is favorable, the costs are not exorbitant. Well, it’s done. Yes, book. It was March. True, I went a bit by exclusion and it wasn’t my first choice, but in the end it was a place I wanted to visit in the future. I have only anticipated some hypothetical year.

I would have liked to go to the West , which reincarnates my concept of Canada to perfection, but the cost of almost three thousand euros of flight was definitely out of the budget. To fly east I spent less than half. Furthermore, Lonely Planet declared Canada the destination of 2017, the 150th year of its independence, celebrated on July 1st . Helmet just like a bean, as they say. For the occasion, all the parks will be free in 2017 . It starts on Sunday, September 3rd and already trembles. I hope it’s an unforgettable journey, in a positive sense of course. And I hope these twelve days overseas – we’ll be back on the 15th – are memorable.